Giftedness and School

School can be a wonderful place for gifted students or it can be a very challenging environment.  When academic, social, and emotional needs are not being met, gifted children may experience anxiety, boredom, act out, underachieve, lose interest, or friendships may suffer.

Navigating the educational options and services for gifted students can be difficult.  Knowing where to start and being well informed of what schools are capable of offering and what they are required to offer, empowers parents to be true partners in designing the best possible educational plan for their children.

The first step is obtaining a gifted Identification:

  • Identification is necessary through standardized testing; either Achievement or Ability Testing
  • Students may be gifted in specific academic areas, as Superior Cognitive, or both.
  • A specific score is required on an Ability (IQ) test to determine giftedness. The score used by the Ohio Department of Education is two standard deviations above the mean, minus the standard error of measure. This score differs on every test.
  • Giftedness may also be identified through standardized group testing where a student obtains a 95% composite score for Superior Cognitive ID, or 95%ile in any subject area for a specific academic identification.
  • It is important to note that while school districts are required to identify students as gifted, there is no state mandate to serve gifted students.  Students must be identified with state approved testing instruments.

Educational Options that may be offered by schools:

  • Resource rooms
  • Pull-out programs
  • Self contained
  • Inclusion
  • Acceleration
      • Subject
      • Full-grade
  • Ways to meet gifted students needs in the classroom:
  • Differentiation
  • Curriculum compacting
  • Pre/post testing
  • Alternative assessments
  • Product choices

When to seek help:

  • Child is underachieving in school
  • Child is having difficulty in school, either academically, socially, or emotionally
  • Child is consistently bored or not learning new information
  • You would like to understand and explore educational options for appropriately meeting the needs of your child
  • You would like to understand options and services prior to approaching your school

Helpful Resources: