30 Nourishing Self-Care Ideas

There are moments when each one of us feels overwhelmed. Maybe it’s a build up of little stresses that become unrelenting.  Or maybe you’re struggling with a toxic relationship or high-pressure work environment.  Perhaps you’ve suffered a significant loss…loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of a dream.  Whatever the cause, we each have have times when it’s difficult to find your center to just get through the day.

It may feel so familiar to  prioritize everyone and everything else before yourself.  You’re left with little to give and even less to thrive on yourself.

When you notice yourself becoming overwhelmed and completely drained, it’s time to take notice and make a change.  It’s time to turn your attention inward for some nourishing self-care.

Here are 30 of my favorite ideas to boost nourishing self-care during the tough times:

  1. Do something creative like baking, painting, writing, a coloring book.
  2. Go someplace social like a coffee shop or bookstore or museum.
  3. Ease up your expectations and accept yourself as is.
  4. Make progress on one small project, like clearing out one junk drawer or one shelf of a closet.
  5. Tuck yourself in bed early for a good night’s sleep.
  6. Take a yoga class.
  7. Get up early to watch the sunrise.
  8. Sing along to some favorite songs, maybe choosing a few goodies from your past.
  9. Take a long bath with relaxing soaps or oils.
  10. Create and maintain a daily schedule that meets your personal goals.
  11. Go outside for some fresh air and a view of nature.
  12. Breathe. Focus on taking four or five deep breaths while sitting in stillness.
  13. Ask for help. Allow someone you trust to know you have needs and could use support.
  14. Wrap up in a cozy blanket and sip some tea or cocoa.
  15. Eat something nourishing and satisfying.  It’s called comfort food for a reason.
  16. Move your body for just 10-30 minutes.
  17. Scream into a pillow.
  18. Plant something and feel the earth in your hands.
  19. Drink a big glass of water with sliced lemon or cucumbers.
  20. Watch a funny movie or show.
  21. Allow yourself to cry in big sobbing tears with a box of tissues.
  22. Look at some beautiful art.
  23. Sign up for a class to try something new.
  24. Tear up a pile of paper and crumple it up.
  25. Treat yourself to a massage or other kind of body work.
  26. Volunteer for a cause that’s meaningful to you.
  27. Listen to music you love.
  28. Dance.
  29. Pick up an old hobby you used to love.
  30. Make an appointment with your therapist to check in.