Couples Therapy

Two types of therapeutic couples services are offered depending on your needs:

1) Co-parenting Throughout Marriage, Separation, & Divorce

Parenting as a team can be a challenge at times.  Many couples benefit from learning specific strategies to improve their communication and effectiveness as cooperative stewards for their children.  This co-parenting intervention is a unique adjunctive component of the Linden BP model of integrated family-centered care.  This adult-focused care may be initiated by parent request or by another Linden BP child provider involved with the family.  Depending on the family’s needs and goals, this co-parenting intervention may be a one-time consultation or on-going care.

2) Couples Therapy to Improve Relationship Quality

Many couples are hurting in their relationships and are unsure how to resolve their pain or if healing is even possible.  In our experience we see potential for HOPE and HEALING for most relationships. We’d like to share specific relationship-enhancing tools for those who desire a better relationship.

What is the value of couples therapy?

  • Research has established that 69% of conflict is perpetual, meaning it has no resolution.  Thus, we aim to help you learn skills for HOW to manage conflicts rather only emphasizing how to resolve them.
  • The goal is that you learn how to improve communication: not only how to have productive conversations, but also improving your ability to listen to, and understand, one another even during times of conflict or disagreement.
  • To help you learn “tools” to deal with each other, even during times of intense emotions, so that you can manage conflict effectively.
  • To rebuild/enhance a couple’s friendship and connection.

Couples therapy at Linden BP utilizes the Gottman Method of assessing and understanding the unique dynamics of each couple to build on their strengths. Couples entering treatment begin with a 3-step thorough assessment that includes a couples consultation, individual appointments, and a joint session reviewing the strengths and challenges within the relationship, mutual goals of moving forward, and plans for treatment. Each individual will also be asked to complete a online assessment following the first appointment.

Our goal in gathering this information BEFORE beginning treatment is to carefully assess all the relationship strengths and areas that need improvement. This unique approach allows us to provide feedback about the relationship early on, before treatment begins, formulate realistic goals, and talk about where to begin and how treatment will work.  We assure you that this time is very well spent and well worth the investment! To quote Dr.’s Gottman, “If you don’t know where you are going, it doesn’t help to drive faster.

Regardless of the reasons a couple may find themselves on our “couch”, our goal is the help each couple have more peaceful/productive conversations, understanding each others’ perspective so that decision-making is possible, and perhaps even enjoy each other more!

Gottman Approved Member
Gottman Approved Member

Linden BP Team Member

Suzanne J. A. Smith, Ph.D.