Mary Seidl, Office Coordinator

Office Coordinator

Professional Experience:
• The Ritz Carlton 1990-1994
• Blue Point Grill 1997-2004
National City Bank 2004-2006

My Role at Linden BP:
I help manage the front desk to make appointments, coordinate care among the team of providers, and manage paperwork for patients.  I am often the first voice a new patient hears when calling Linden BP, and I strive to offer calm and support to families who are often in distress.  I do whatever is needed to make every experience a positive one. I also assist providers with daily demands to maximize their availability to their patients.

Personal Passions:
My love of children began at an early age when I would call funny young patrons at my parent’s restaurant, often holding babies while their parents ate meals.  I am a first generation Greek, raised to uphold timeless family values which include respect for others, devotion to my faith and Greek Orthodox Church, and fostering strong values in my children.  I love traveling and enjoyed a prolonged stay in Italy.25

Fun Facts:
I speak Greek, Italian and English. I plan on learning French to keep up with my son who is learning it in school. I enjoy dancing around at home to pop music with my kids.

Why I love being at Linden BP:
I love being at Linden BP because I truly enjoy the people I work with and all the wonderful families I get to meet.