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We are fortunate to have met Dr. Norton. Dr. Norton’s compassion and skill for helping children and families was apparent from our very first session. Her thoughtful approach to our unique challenges helped guide us through a time of difficult family changes. The kids also loved the therapy dog.

-Dad, Avon
My mom and I had just gotten into a verbal argument upon arriving to LBP. As soon as I walked into the door, I was greeted by a friendly secretary and some yummy snacks! I was sitting on the opposite end of the couch as my mother, when Dr. Norton opened her door, she wore a huge smile across her face and plopped herself down in between my mother and I on the couch. I knew right then, there was something wrong with this lady… but in a good way. Since then, Dr. Norton has been with me through all of my ups and downs and has continually taught me that I am not alone on my journey of discovering who I am and how to manage my mistakes.
-19 year old, Hudson

Before we found Dr. Norton and her team at Linden Behavioral Pediatrics, I felt like I didn’t know how to communicate effectively with my son or how to deal with some of his difficult behaviors. All of that has changed. My entire family is learning how to work together to help our son. Dr. Norton has given us those tools.

-Deirdre, Westlake

I read a quote somewhere that our job as parents is to teach our children to solve problems. Often when they do anything that seems inappropriate (like lying or throwing a tantrum) they are just trying the best way they can think of to solve a problem (albeit flawed). But as adults we typically see things differently than our children do, (I know I do) and we can do a much better job than our own flawed thinking often leads to. A few years ago I obtained custody of my son. One of the things I set in motion to give him (and ultimately us) a better chance of success, was to obtain the services of LBP and Dr. Victoria Norton. We’ve visited with her off and on over the past few years as I realized I didn’t always have the best solution to the issue at hand (which was obvious as nothing I was trying was working). Often it’s us as parents not correctly identifying the problems to begin with, and then not knowing how to best address them. Dr. Norton has been a great help in first, engaging my son to open up and communicate and second, in helping me recognize how I might adjust my own thinking to better help him (and us ultimately). One thing I’ve learned over the years is that even though I’m reasonably intelligent, I don’t know all the answers. This is their profession – they have more knowledge than I do. I’m learning, my son is learning, and as a result we’re both improving our problem solving abilities.

-Derrick, Lakewood

In the words of my daughter, “Dr. Norton makes me feel comfortable to the point of being able to discuss any issues that are on my mind.” As a parent you always want to be able to communicate with your children in a positive, meaningful, and thoughtful way and since my child has been seeing Dr. Norton this has been accomplished in a way that lets me understand my daughter’s feelings and emotions from her perspective. Thank you Dr. Norton!

-Olmsted Township

Dr. Norton has been passionate about getting to know our family and finding ways to help our teenager work through a difficult time. She has helped us with testing, pain management, school related issues and so much more. Her professional, yet easy going style always makes us feel welcome and special. She has been a blessing to our family.

-Mom of 14 year old, Avon Lake

Finding a professional who can inform you, encourage you and help you realize areas where you can improve is an amazing resource for a parent. Dr. Norton is that resource for me. The best outcome from my conversations with Dr. Norton is that I leave with realistic approaches to handling problems and feel empowered as a parent to move forward.

-Mom of 8 year old, Avon Lake

Our work with Dr. Norton is the most productive, effective therapy relationship we have established for our daughter. Dr. Norton has a gift in addressing issues with tangible, practical solutions that have immediate positive impact for our daughter at school, home and in her relationships.

-Mom of 12 year old, Avon Lake

We’ve been a client since 2012 when we first brought our daughter to visit Victoria. She was suffering from complex mental health issues. She would isolate and wouldn’t easily open up to counseling or psychiatric assistance. We have been on a long and impactful journey with Victoria. Her persistence and relationship with our daughter has paid off. With her counseling and the assistance of a psychiatrist, we have a team that helped our daughter regulate her emotions and function better in social and family relationships. We would strongly recommend her for the most difficult cases.

-Dad of teenage daughter, Hudson

When my husband and I were granted permanent custody of our granddaughter, we knew that removing her from the only family she had ever known, bringing her to a different home in a new state, new schools and entirely new surroundings would require the assistance of the most highly trained and effective counselor we could find. Happily, we found that very best possible person in Dr. Victoria Norton. With her guidance not only for our granddaughter, but for us as well, the year and a half since our arrival has been one of positive growth and joy for all of us. Our granddaughter faced daunting challenges both because of the deprivation and abuse she had suffered, but because of the culture shock of her new life and the expectations it placed on her. While no one expected the path to be smooth, it has proven both manageable and wonderful. Dr. Norton has become a beloved and trusted friend and advisor both to our granddaughter and to us as we circle back into the role of ‘parents’ and help our granddaughter confront and overcome some of her early experiences. When I mentioned to our granddaughter that Dr. Norton had asked whether we would offer some comments on her work, our granddaughter’s immediate reply was: ‘tell them, 5 stars plus.’ Coming from an eight year old, that is truly the highest praise!

-Grandmother of 6 year old, Rocky River
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