What is Asperger’s Syndrome (diagnostically now referred to as an Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD)? 

Common characteristics of children/adolescents can include:

  • Delayed social maturity and social reasoning.
  • Difficulty making friends and often teased by other children.
  • Difficulty with the communication and
  • Difficulty with identifying/controlling emotions.
  • Unusual language abilities that include advanced vocabulary and syntax but delayed conversation skills, unusual prosody and a tendency to be pedantic.
  • A fascination with a topic that is unusual in intensity or focus.
  • An unusual profile of learning abilities.
  • A need for assistance with some self-help and organizational skills.
  • Clumsiness in terms of gait and coordination.
  • Sensitivity to specific sounds, aromas, textures or touch.

The advantages of a diagnosis can be:

  • Being recognized as having genuine difficulties coping with experiences that others find easy and enjoyable.
  • A positive change in other people’s expectations, acceptance and support.
  • Compliments rather than criticism with regard to social competence.
  • Acknowledgement of confusion and exhaustion in social situations.
  • Schools can access resources to help the child and class teacher.
  • An adult can access specialized support services for employment and further education.
  • Greater self-understanding, self-advocacy and better decision making with regard to careers, friendships and relationships.
  • A sense of identification with a valued ‘culture’.
  • The person no longer feels stupid, defective or crazy.

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